Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Recent Skincare Purchases...

I love reading posts like this, so I thought I'd share with you some of my latest skincare purchases! My skin has been really bad recently so I decided to invest in some new items...

I bought this as Zoella has raved about its ability to get rid of acne scarring. It contains the same sort of ingredients as Bio Oil, but in a moisturiser form. I was really surprised how light it is, despite containing all sorts of oils. I can't wait to start seeing some results!

Another spot treatment here. I have heard a lot about Etat Pur on blogs, and my skin is pretty bad at the moment, so I caved in and bought it. My skin has also reacted well to Salicylic Acid in the past, so I'm expecting good things from this!

I first heard about this from Ruth @Amodelrecommends and it has recently exploded in the blogosphere! From numerous reviews, it uses 5% glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin, refine pores, clear up breakouts and fix scarring. Sounds like a miracle in a bottle! I am so excited to try this, and will definitely review it soon!

This seems to be the cult spot treatment on blogs at the moment, so I just had to hop on to the band wagon and try it out! Now, Bloggers have mentioned how small this is, and I thought yeah ok. They weren't kidding - this thing is tiny! My mouth actually dropped a little bit when I first received it. "I just paid £13 for that?!" The bottle is literally comparable to a penny! It better show some amazing results..

Ren is another brand very popular with bloggers at the moment, so I decided to try one of their face masks. I've been in need of a good one for a little while now, and feel it'll do the world of good for my skin! Here's to hoping...

What are your favourite blemish busting skincare items?



  1. You should do an updated post once you've used the Alpha-H Liquid Gold! Be really interesting to see your thoughts on it :) great little haul xx

  2. I so want to try liquid gold! X

  3. I want to try the origins too... Looking forward to your review, thank you. :) x

  4. I also saw Re-Gen on Zoe's blog ages ago, and went to town to buy it. No where had it (or had ever heard of it!!!) Where was your from?

    1. I got it from Ebay, but you can get it at Home bargains and also I've seen it on the Co-op website! xx

  5. Ren-Gen sounds good. Actually it all sounds good. I've got some leftover scarring and am quite spot prone so would be interested in hearing all your thoughts on these! xx

  6. I got a liquid gold sample from What's in your Handbag, but it's so small I don't even have chance to try it!