Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shopcade - being paid for shopping?!

Sites such as Pinterest have been popping up left, right and center recently, allowing us to lust over items we love but can't afford. Shopcade runs on this principle - it has a huge database of brands and a search bar to make finding that perfect dress simple. You can create different boards such as beauty, clothes, things I own, etc to organise your items in to. It is so much fun, and a great way to find gorgeous new items! Here is an example of the Miss Selfridge section, where you can "love" items, or add them to your own Shopcade.

However, the thing that makes Shopcade stand out from the competition: it rewards you for doing this. Yep, that's right! Each time you buy something you've seen on Shopcade, you'll earn money back! Sound good? It doesn't stop there! Shopcade also has a points and rewards system. Simply adding items to your Shopcade will increase your trend score and your points! The higher your trend score, the better rewards you can redeem with your points! The highest prize is a Kindle Fire HD - just for lusting over clothes! Points couldn't be easier to earn, either:
.50 daily points for just signing in
.3 points for each item you add to your Shopcade
.10 points when someone else adds something you've added
.20 points when someone follows you

If you find something online that you want to add to your Shopcade, you can, and whats better, you'll be rewarded with cash if someone else buys it! You will also receive points when people add the item to their Shopcade. What are you waiting for? It's so easy to get started, just create some boards then get shopping! You'll be addicted and winging your way to those rewards in no time!

Click here to sign up to Shopcade

You can visit my Shopcade for some inspiration here, be sure to follow so I can follow you back to boost up your points!