Friday, 29 March 2013

Fantastic Ren Discounts for Easter... *30% off!*

There are also some hints on their Facebook page to help you out a little with the hunt!

Have you come across any good Easter discounts?


Passion for Fashion 2 with Moneysupermarket

Hi everyone! As you have probably gathered by now, I'm a little obsessed with creating outfits! Whether it's a lust list or simply what pay-day treats I'd like, I love it. When I heard about Moneysupermarket's competition in which you have to create 3 outfits, I jumped at the chance! For the competition, you have to devise an outfit under the categories of: Party, Holiday/Beach and Casual. What's more, each has to total under £200. I'll have to admit - it is extremely hard to stay within a budget when creating outfits! It is so easy to get carried away with a plethora of goodies at your disposal! Judging each category are some lovely bloggers - Olivia for party, Jen for casual, and Natasha for beach/holiday. For more information on how to enter, click here. Below are my entries, hope you love them! I had so much fun creating them, and hope that channels to you!

Block Colour Clutch - Zara - £39.99
Total: £162.44

Look #1 - Party.
I've had my eye on this gorgeous ASOS dress for months now - encompassing key trends such as skater style and embellished collars, this number is sure to impress on the dance floor. I paired it with the focal point of my outfit: electric-blue accented accessories. These include the lovely Karen Millen embroidered heels and stylishly simplistic Zara clutch, for an eye catching look. My makeup would remain simple, ensuring it doesn't overpower my look. I am desperate to try the dot effect eyeliner by Illamasqua, and would pair it with soft bronze eye shadow tones. A quick sweep of my signature red lippy and I'm ready to go!

Friendship Bracelet Multipack - River Island - £10
Total: £157.47

Look #2 - Beach/Holiday
This outfit made me lust for summer SO bad! For me, summer is all about the beach, wavy hair and glowing bronze skin. Mis-matched bikinis are also a must - they allow you to unleash your creative side and stand out from the crowd, while of course working on your tan! I chose this top from River Island for its adorable 3D effect finish, and the dotty bottoms for the perfect contrast. Who doesn't love a little nautical accent in the summer?! When it's time to head home for a barbecue, I would throw on the backless cami from ASOS and my favourite Mango shorts for an edgy, yet laid back look. I love the "backless" detail of the top, and can see myself living in it all summer long! My must-have accessories include a big floppy hat, for relaxing on the beach with a good book, and of course a pair of sunnies and plenty of bracelets!

Classic Backpack - Misac - £20
Total: £198

Look #3 - Casual
For me, casual is all about leggings and a baggy top. I love nothing more than spending my (very rare!) days off relaxing around the house, and these are essential for being comfortable while doing so. I was drawn to the leggings for their mix of exotic colours and metallic finish, which is pretty damn cool, right? If I (god forbid) have to leave the house, I would complete the look with my oversized denim jacket and trusty vans. I love to take lots of photographs when I'm out and about, so my trusty camera would be slung in to my backpack, ready for the perfect opportunity!

I hope you enjoyed my entries as much as I did creating them! A massive thank you to Moneysupermarket for another fantastic competition! Good luck if you decide to enter.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque - Review

Hi everyone! A couple of months ago, I reviewed Moroccanoil's restorative hair mask, and I really liked it. I still use it, however the process is a little lengthy, as you need to condition post-mask. I also received a lot of feedback on the article (thank you!), with most of you commenting on how it's a little too expensive for you. Since receiving the Macadamia version of this mask from Hairtrade, I am completely blown away, and the Moroccanoil mask has been pushed to the back of my beauty cabinet.

First off, the mask may not smell as nice as the Moroccanoil version (it has a subtle scent, not offensive, but not as pungent as the Moroccanoil mask), but the results using this mask are amazing! The texture is a lot nicer than the Moroccanoil version, it is much more creamy and luxurious-feeling, in comparison to the foam, mousse-like texture of the Moroccanoil mask. The instructions say to leave in for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse for deeply nourished, reconstructed, and shiny hair. It also states how the mask should be used twice a week.

I use this mask once a week on a Sunday, as I am too busy during the week to use it twice a week. I find that once a week is perfectly sufficient for good results, and the tub will last a lot longer that way! The thing I  like the most about the Macadamia mask is that you don't need to condition post-application - horaaaay! If you read my review on the Moroccanoil mask, you'd know you need to condition after applying the mask, which I found quite a pain. I much prefer a one-product-wonder, and can't really be bothered applying a thousand lotions and potions - I would much rather slap one on and relax with a good book!

The results from using this mask were amazing - from having it applied to my hair for just a couple of minutes, I could already feel the difference. My hair was so so soft! This is the feeling I didn't get from the Moroccanoil mask, so I was really pleased. Once my hair was dry, it was bouncy and silky smooth. I can't really comment on the shine because it's hard to tell for yourself in artificial light - I'll have to ask someone when I next apply it! As for the condition of my hair, I wouldn't say it improves damage that you've already incurred to your hair - come on, only a hair cut can get rid of split ends! - but I find it fabulous for keeping my hair in a good condition.

The price is also something I really like about the Macadamia mask. A 250ml pot will cost you just £18.40 from Hairtrade (£5.55 off the RRP!), compared to £29 for 250ml of the Moroccanoil version. As I prefer a conditioning mask, I would definitely repurchase the Macadamia version over the Moroccanoil. However, the Moroccanoil version is ideal for hair that really has been abused, such as bleached hair.

Do you have a favourite hair mask?


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Designer Lookalike Bags @ Zara

Zara bags are pretty much all over the blogosphere recently. From the iconic “Bucket bag” to the basic shopper, almost every blogger owns one. Zara have the most amazing, extensive selection of handbags, and most won’t break the bank either! Their prices are extremely reasonable for amazing quality and also designer lookalikes. Take these two examples…

How similar are they?! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather save myself a couple of hundred pounds and have the Zara lookalike version any day of the week! The Zara versions will set you back just £49.99 and £79.99 respectively, which is miles off the sky-high designer prices. I am head over heels in love with the city bag and need it in my life. Now it’s finally back in stock, I may have to indulge.


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Please support me!

There's still a couple more days to Like this photo and support me in the China Doll bloggers competition. The person with the most likes by Tuesday will win their outfit, so I would love for you to show your support!

Thank you everyone!

Friday, 15 March 2013

1,000 GFC follower Mac lipstick giveaway!

I recently hit an amazing 1,000 GFC folowers, which I never ever dreamed of reaching! This, combined with the fact I've been shortlisted to win £200 of clothes has made me want to do a little thank you giveaway! I wouldnt ever participate in such competitions if it wasnt for all of your comments and support, so this is a little thank you to all 1,000 of you! Please use the rafflecopter widget below to enter.

Good luck everyone, and thank you for your continued support!


P.S - the giveaway is international!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

An Important Meeting Across the City!

Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Nhuc @ China Doll Boutique contacted me regarding a competition they're running for bloggers. To celebrate the launch of their brand new (and very snazzy!) website, China Doll are running a very exciting competition for us bloggers. The idea is that you have to create an outfit around your favourite China Doll item, and the lucky winner will win their whole outfit, up to the value of £200! Amazing right?! For more information on how to enter, click here. As I LOVE creating outfits, I knew I had to take part. The idea around my entry is having to attend an important meeting with a Brand Manager, across the city.

I would need to be dressed smart and fashionably, yet practically, as my journey involves several taxi and tube rides. This Ted Baker shirt is perfect as it gives off a professional vibe, and the jewel detail adds a fashionable edge. I would pair it tucked in to the gorgeous Danni Metallic Skirt by China Doll. Its metallic finish oozes class and the structured style is perfect for giving off a professional image. As an edgy contrast, my nails would be adorned with Essie's Cute as a Button to inject a burst of colour to my outfit. My accessories would have a rose-gold hue - an on trend watch is essential to ensure I'm on time, while the earrings and bracelet complete the outfit perfectly. While I would love to totter around London in heels, it's just not practical. Cue these amazing Miss Selfridge flats! Running from taxi to taxi in heels isn't easy, so the flats will ensure I get to the meeting in one piece!

My Zara Office City Bag is perfect for meetings. It has heaps of space for my folders, and is extremely stylish - bonus! My tablet is also essential for meetings, allowing me to take notes quickly and effectively, and of course keep up with Social Media on the tube! It would be housed in the gorgeous Ted Baker bow case (that I have fallen in love with!) for extra protection. 

Travelling can be extremely stressful, especially with delayed trains and troublesome weather. A quick spritz of Caudalie's beauty elixir ensures my makeup stays looking perfect, and if disaster does strike, my trusty Naked palette is there to help. The neutral-bronze hues complement my blue eyes, and the Benefit they're real is my must-have mascara to finish.

I arrive feeling confident and refreshed (thanks to Caudalie!). I'm definitely ready for whatever the Brand Manager has to throw at me.


*Good luck if you decide to take part! A big thank you to China Doll for running such a fun competition!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Amazing Beauty-Inspired Phone Cases!

How amazing are these phone cases? I never knew you could get such phone cases, but after a quick browse on Etsy, I discovered a plethora, perfect for every beauty lover. I am totally spoilt for choice! Is it bad that I want them to match the nail polish I’m wearing that day?  My favourites have to be the Chanel and Urban decay, but I want every single one of them! They are extremely reasonably priced considering I’ve never seen anything like them before. Most are listed for around £10 and there are so many colours to choose from. Also, they don’t just do them for iPhones – most sellers also stock cases for popular models such as the Samsung Galaxy S2/S3 (horay for us Android users!)

Will you be updating your phone with a stylish beauty-inspired case?


Friday, 1 March 2013

Banishing the Blemishes #001 - Skinetica

Hi everyone! If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know I suffer with my skin. I have tried numerous lotions and potions, routines and spot treatments, but nothing has completely cleared up my skin. Therefore, I am creating a new series on my blog called Banishing the Blemishes. I am currently trying out products from some lovely companies in the hope of returning my skin to its post-blemish state. The first in the series is Skinetica.

Anti-blemish Skinetica is a colourless liquid for spots and blemishes, that claims to clear the skin quickly and kindly. What's more, Skinetica contains no harsh chemicals, is non-greasy, and works best applied directly to the skin twice a day with a cotton pad. 

I was extremely excited to try Skinetica as I have seen so many rave reviews about it from other bloggers. When my Skinetica arrived, my skin had (conveniently) broken out in a cluster of 5/6 spots, which were perfect to trial the product on. They were quite red, sore and inflammed, so I was pleased to find when applied, it didn't sting at all. I applied it twice a day religiously and within a couple of days, the spots were all but a distant memory. Perfect! I did notice however, that the area of application was left quite dry. I presume this is down to the alcohol in the product, as I find it dries my skin out. 

I found Skinetica works best on whiteheads, as opposed to "under-the-skin" spots. When I applied to said spots, it didn't really make a difference, just dried out the surrounding area. Overall, I would really recommend you to try Skinetica if you suffer from whiteheads, as it is definitley very effective, albeit a little drying, for clearing them. In my experience, whiteheads cleared within two days, and didn't leave a horrible red mark behind - horaaah!

If you'd like to give Skinetica a go for yourself, you can order a free sample via their website and contribute just £1 towards postage! Alternatively, full size bottles are available for just £9.99 including postage, which is great considering the great effects it has!

Thanks for reading, look out for part 2 of my Banishing the Blemishes series!