Monday, 6 August 2012

New Look's Holiday Hop

Following Michelle's blog post about New Look's Holiday Hop, I unleashed my creativity and compiled an entry! The brief was as follows...

"Imagine you are going to Ibiza for a long weekend. Create a post on your blog stating which items from the New Look store you would wear to complete each of the following outfits on your holiday. You can create one of five outfits, so get creative and show off your style with the items you would wear and tell me why you'd wear it."

So, here are my entries! I wanted to capture and combine some on-trend pieces, but make sure the outfits are ideal for the Ibiza climate, and also has a sophisticated, rock-chick edge, so it wasn't too girly, and more grown up! I have also shared these looks on Facebook and Twitter, so please hop over and like/retweet!

"Arriving at the airport, I am snuggled up to the comfy grey hoodie as the definition of a British summertime is rain and grey skies! I keep telling myself I'll soon be in warm, sunny Ibiza, as Venga-boys is on replay on my iPod. Wooooah, we're going to Ibiza! Ohhh, back to the Island! For ultimate travel comfort, my advice is to throw on a zip hoodie, like this one from New Look. Don't worry - as soon as you hit Ibiza, you can just take it off, and have a super-stylish holiday-ready outfit underneath! Two outfits for the effort of one! Add an element of style to the outfit with a gorgeous sheer floaty top, teamed with vintage-look mini shorts. My outfit for travelling:

My hair would be in a messy bun for effortless style, slicked back and out of the way with a few bobby pins and a super stylish cross-link headband. As soon as I arrive, I'd add the beautiful turquoise flower to get me in the summer spirit! Think Jessica Alba for the perfect messy bun...

Upon arriving at Ibiza, an overwhelming sense of serenity overcomes me, as I throw the hoodie in to my luggage, let my hair down and hit the beach! After all, I had to as I've worn my bikini on the plane all the way from England! My best piece of advice for hitting the beach is to mis-match your bikini - it's the perfect way to show off your individuality and create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind look!

After a couple of hours relaxing and recuperating on the sun-soaked beaches, I hit the Ibiza clubs! I would stay in the bikini top, due to the sizzling Ibiza climate. It also doubles up as a super-cute bralet! In addition, I'd throw on a light and airy skirt to add a stylish edge to my club outfit. The skirt doesn't take up much space in a beach bag, so it's perfect for just throwing on after a long beach day! I would swap the over-sized beach tote for a sparkling clutch and I'm ready to go! My Beach to Club outfit:

Tousled beach waves would be perfect for both of these looks. For the day at the beach, I'd wear the gorgeous feathered hair clip for a laid back beach look. Then, to transform the hairstyle to club-ready, I'd clip back small front sections of hair with these sparkling bobby pins. I'd get inspiration from Miley Cyrus...

Following an amazing night at Ibiza's best clubs, I'm feeling a little delicate, so a day by the pool is exactly what the Doctor ordered! Cut-out costumes are HUGE this summer, and I love this electric blue number. After a quick dip in the pool, I'd add a kaftan as a little cover-up, as it's too hot for clothes in the blazing Ibiza sun! My accessories for a poolside outfit would definitely be a straw hat and over-sized sunglasses, to keep the sun off your face while you're having a cheeky pool-side read! My outfit:

A loose plait would be perfect for relaxing by the pool. I'd want my hair out of my face, but still looking pretty and also relaxed. I would add a few bow hair grips to make the look cute and ensure it's not too plain. They also go perfectly with the sunglasses! The queen of plaits has to be Fearne Cotton...

After a day of relaxing, I'm raring to go again! I met a guy at the clubs last night, and he's invited me out to a local restaurant! I can't wait to see him again - he's gorgeous! I really want to impress him, so I've chosen my outfit carefully... I chose the deep red as the colour pop for my outfit to transform my outfit from flirty beach day to sophisticated date night. Studs are huge this season, so I incorporated them in to my outfit in the form of the shirt. Its light flowy material is perfect for warm Ibiza nights- highly recommended by me! Its important not to go overboard with studs though - you don't want to scare your date off! You definitely need a quick sweep of glittery eye-liner over fake eye lashes, and killer heels to complete the look.

To ensure my outfit is sophisticated, I'd use one of New Look's super handy hair doughnuts to create a neat bun. For inspiration, I'd look to Kim Kardashian, whos hair is ALWAYS perfect!

The date went so well last night! We're meeting at the beach today, which will be SO much fun! I've kept my outfit nice and casual, and I'm looking forward to a fun day out before I leave the gorgeous Ibiza this evening. I kept my outfit stylishly simple, as you don't want to over-do it on the beach! I would recommend one focal point for the outfit, then a few small extras, don't go mad! After all, you want all attention to be on your newly-acquired tan! The beaded bikini was my focal point, then I added a simple hat, shorts, and sandals. When walking around the seafront, I'd add the bracelet, worn as an anklet, for a little summer sparkle!

For my final day on the beach, I would plait the front sections of my hair and clip them back with some lovely flower hair grips, which would complement my bikini and nail polish perfectly! I would leave my hair wavy and down, but if it gets too hot in the Ibiza sun, I'd put it in to a pony tail with a chic spiked hair band. I would look to Pixie Lott for this hair style...

I have the most amazing time in Ibiza, I don't want to go! I will definitely be back soon, and I have got my date's number, so who knows what will happen? But for now, it's off to the airport..."

I had SO much fun entering this competition and have my fingers and toes crossed that I am lucky! Thank you so much to Michelle and New Look for hosting such an amazing competition! I hope you all found my advice helpful if you are lucky enough to be jetting off to Ibiza soon! Don't forget to retweet my outfit on Twitter and Like it on Facebook!

What do you think of my outfits? Which is your favourite?



  1. It's so cute, I think the purse definitely adds a sophisticated vibe to the outfit. I love that purse!

    1. Thank you so much! I really recommend adding a stylish bag to make an outfit more "grown up" and sophisticated xx

  2. Love this. Especially the shirt and the skirt! How did your get the outfit on the mannequin? Just curious! xx

    1. Thank you lovely! I really like the shirt-and-skirt combo for summer - it adds sophistication to the skirt, and ensures the look isn't too girly. I didn't want that, as the look is planned for a date, so I wanted it to look really grown up! :) x

  3. Great outfit!!! Especially the bag and the studded shirt - very classy!! :) x

    1. Thank you! I am so glad it's come across to you that way, that's what I wanted to achieve! I feel the wine colour pop for the outfit contributes to this, too :) x

  4. i love the way you've compiled this - looks great! especially love the mischa barton bag - its such a lovely autumn colour

    lucy x

    1. Thank you so much! Mischa Barton bags are gorgeous, aren't they? The colour schemes are ideal for autumn. You're right - they're perfect for taking with you for a toned-down autumn break xxx

  5. This a lovely outfit, it has been put together very well, the colours are great.

    Following you now via GFC.

    Check out my blog when you have time. :)

  6. I loved the summer outfit
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  7. wow I love your sunset supper outfit! I love how you've put all your outfits together on a mannequin - very clever! x

    1. Thank you so much :) Just had a look at yours - I LOVE Beach to Club! There's so much competition! Good luck :) xxx

  8. Hey, I really like the beach-to-club outfit. I also entered this evening. I wish you goood luck :))
    Check out my entry

    1. Thank you! I will be sure to check it out, good luck! xx

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