Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Miracle Nail Strengthening Products: Part 2/3 – Lush Lemony Flutter

Part two of my guide to achieving strong nails features one of my all time favourite and most repurchased Lush item! I even have my Mum hooked on this, I feel it’s one of the main reasons my nails are in such a good condition, in addition to my Crystal Nail file of course!

I smooth this gorgeous moisturising butter on to each nail and cuticle every night to leave them wonderfully moisturised by the morning. The butter is a little greasy, which is why I only apply it at night. Any residue works fantastically as a hand cream, though! You only need the tiniest bit to cover all of your nails so the pot lasts forever! I only have to purchase one a year – it’s amazing value!

Lush have packed this butter full of Organic, fresh ingredients: Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Lemon Infusion to name but a few.   There are a lot of products similar to this – I know Burt’s Bees do a cuticle cream and OPI do a cuticle oil, but I feel this is superior – it’s a holy grail for me! My nails have never been in a better condition, and I will continue to purchase this for a long time! 

Lush have several stores up and down the county, or alternatively, you can purchase a 50g pot of Lemony Flutter online for just £5.95 – click here.

Do you use a cuticle butter/oil to strengthen your nails?



  1. I went to Lush yesterday with the intention of picking this up but I got distracted and forgot! Super gutted now, looks amazing! X

  2. I love Lush products, but I haven't tried this one. I'll have to pick some up next time I'm in!

  3. Thanks for the review! I love Lush, and have been looking for a decent cuticle cream for ages. Will definitely try it out next time I'm in store.