Sunday, 8 April 2012

DIY: Topshop Studded Loafers

Hi everyone! Following yesterdays post about DIY Caviar Nails Manicure, I set myself the challenge of trying to replicate Topshop's Studded Loafers...

Topshop - £28 (That's if you can get hold of them!)

These couldn't be easier to make - and I've compiled a little "recipe" for you all, to achieve incredibly similar shoes for under a tenner! That's an £18 saving on the Topshop ones, which are nearly impossible to track down! It's crazy - I've seen a pair go for £50 on ebay, total madness! Anyway...

The first thing you'll need is a pair of plain pumps. I found mine in H&M for just £7.99

These do feel a lot more sturdy and supportive for your feet than the Topshop ones, which is ideal if you envisage on wearing them outside of the house - for £28, you should, anyway! You can probably pick up a pair for around £4 from Primark, but I find H&M shoes do last a lot longer, and they have a lovely suede effect, too! Next, you will need your studs. The ones on the Topshop Loafers are slightly pointy, however, if you prefer, you can use rounded ones. Both are readily available on Ebay for under £2 all in - bargain!

Next, it's time to get busy! Now, you can of course randomly place studs on the shoes, however, I would advise getting a piece of chalk and marking where you want to put them beforehand, so A: you don't ruin the shoes, and B: you don't go overboard! If you want the studs to look exactly the same as the ones on the Topshop version, follow my little guide:

1. Make a straight vertical line of four studs in the middle of your shoe
2. Make two symmetrical lines going around the edge of the shoe. The studs should be placed in between the studs in the middle line. So, if you were to draw a line joining the two studs at the edge of the shoe, the line would cross in the middle of the middle studs, like this:

3. Add two studs in the middle of each of the lines you have just created. They should also line up, like so:

Now, for the sides of the shoes! I would highly recommend chalking where the studs go for this, as I have, as you want the studs to be symmetrical either side of the shoe!

4. This is how your shoes should look so far!
5. Carry on with the bottom line which you created on the front of the shoe. Take it all the way to the back of the shoe, curving slightly at the end.
6. Fill in the area under the line with two studs. Use the same technique as you did on the front of the shoe.
7. Create a final line, like the previous one. Ensure the stud is in between the two below it, like so:

Et Voila! 7 Steps to a gorgeous (and long-lasting) replica of Topshop's Studded Loafers! A lovely project for a rainy Sunday, and you'll have saved yourself £18 in the process! Better still, nobody's shoes will be identical to yours!

If you need any additional help, drop me a message below! I hope this was useful!



  1. I cannot wait to give this a go. My pair of Vectra's are looking shabby, and Topshop don't stock them anymore so this will definitely be something to try :) thanks! x

  2. Great idea. I think I'd only do the front though as I think the whole thing is a bit much. They will look virtually the same as the Topshop ones and it's always nice to wear something you made yourself!

  3. You're a genious! I need to find some studs now... this may be a challenge...

    1. Ha, thank you! I have popped a link for some on ebay in the post - both are under £2 xx

  4. Such a great idea, especially the tips about the placement of the studs. They look great! :)

  5. Ahhh this is such a good idea!:) yeah those topshop loafers are amazing, I wish I had gotten a pair when they weren't so impossible to buy :P xxxxx