Friday, 6 April 2012

DIY: Caviar Nails Manicure!

I am a huge fan of Ciate's Caviar Nail Kits and as soon as they were released, I was eager to get my hands on a set. However, within a few hours of release, they sold out, so I have been looking for alternatives! I was also a little reluctant to shell out £18 for what is effectively, a nail polish and a little tub of beads. 

So, I headed off to ebay and found these:

They come in an array of different colours, as opposed to the Ciate Manicure set, which only has one colour (unless you go for the rainbow one, pictured above). Here, you could even mix your own combinations! What's best about these, is they are just £2.19 from this ebay seller with free postage! Please bear in mind they are coming from Hong Kong, but for £2.19, you can't go wrong! I always wonder how these sellers from Hong Kong can make a profit when they offer items at an extremely low price with free shipping - surely most of the £2.19 would be used for shipping?! It certainly is the case in the UK! Anyway, I have ordered mine and there are plenty available! Once mine arrive, I will be making a DIY Caviar Nails post, but in the mean time, here is a fantastic Youtube Tutorial:

Have you heard of the Caviar Manicure? Will you be trying it out?



  1. These remind me of the round hundreds and thousands xxx

  2. I love this, think it looks so cute! But i agree, would not want to shell out £18 on some little plastic beads...


  3. This is the coolest thing! I am definitely going to give this a try, thanks a lot for the tutorial :)


  4. Really want to give the cavier a go, there are some really cute nail ideas out there at the moment!

  5. these look great! Definitely gonna try this!xx

  6. This is really clever - I want to try the Caviar Manicure, but £18 is a stupid amount for what it is! x