Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Brand New: Nails Inc Fishnet Magnetic Nail Polish!

I am so excited about this - following the huge success of their previous Magnetic polishes, Nails Inc have announced the release of a new line of Magnetic Polishes! Their Fishnet Magnetic polishes come in three different shades: Piccadilly, Soho, and Spitalfields, all of the titles in line with the "London theme", along with the other polishes in their magnetic range - Trafalgar Square and Houses of Parliament to name a few.

Nails Inc have produced the polishes in three colours, promising to create a unique fishnet pattern like you have never seen before! You can create professional, chic nail art in a matter of minutes. Here's a sneak peek in to what they actually look like on the nails:


*Photos taken from the Nails Inc Website*

I love the look of these colours - so pretty, and the pattern the polishes create is so unique! If you want to purchase them, all three colours are currently available on the Nails Inc Website for £13 each - Click here for a link. If you really want one, I'd be quick, as the original Magnetic polish sold out extremely fast!

Have you tried Magnetic Polish? Do you like the look of this?



  1. Wow!! I loveee the way this looks! £13 is a bit out of my price range, but man, I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for some of this stuff!

  2. Wow these look awesome! Can't wait to try :) x

  3. This looks so cool! Especially love the green one.

    Emily Wears Things

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  5. Cool post! love this!

  6. Looks beautiful, I was surprised that the older magnetics weren't more adventurous with designs. I believe there was a star shape that didn't work out on the nail so well. I'm all for it, hope they bring out tiny little word magnets and love hearts etc.

  7. I have bought Piccadilly and not been as impressed as I would like, in some lights cant see the pattern but in harsh artifical light looks amazing