Monday, 24 June 2013

Warehouse: Prom Style for us Tall Girls!

Standing at 5"11, finding an aptly-fitting prom dress was always a nightmare. Luckily, Warehouse have a fabulous range of floor-length dresses perfect for us leggy ladies, just in time for prom season! I've created a prom-perfect look using one of my favourite Warehouse dresses, the Embellished Yoke Maxi.

I literally squealed a little when I came across this dress. Not only is it bang on trend with the embellished neckline and neutral colour, but look how long it is on the 5"10 model - you could sweep the floor with it! Warehouse even have a clever tool which allows you to virtually try on items. The Fitting Room allows you to create your own online body, using measurements such as your height, weight, hips and waist, which you can save for use in the future. It will then suggest the most appropriate size for you and show you how the dress will look on. Here's an example using my measurements...  

Absolutely genius! A must for us tall ladies - definitely worth a try before you purchase to avoid disappointment of a dress being just-a-little too short. Here are a selection of other lovely "tall-friendly" Warehouse dresses worn by the same 5"10 model. You can check out the other lovely Warehouse dresses here.

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Where do you go for your extra-long dresses?


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