Saturday, 24 March 2012

Week 3 Update - Avene Cleanance Range

Hello all, time for another update on how I'm getting on with the Avene Cleanance Range I'm currently trialling. I must say I really am enjoying updating you weekly, as it makes me think about the products and their effects much more than I would normally!

Now, down to the update. My skin has remained relatively clear since I've started using the range, with exception to the odd hormonal outbreak. Having said that, I have noticed my spots disappear and heal a lot more quickly while using these products!

 The cleanser is still drying out my skin a little, however, it is nothing a little bit of moisturiser can't fix! It does, however, do a fantastic job at controlling oil for the whole day! I feel it will be perfect for the summer, as my skin is a little more troublesome in the warmer months. I am still really enjoying using the SPF and moisturiser, which I would highly recommend to people who have oily acne-prone skin, and can't find a moisturiser with SPF which doesn't cause outbreaks or oiliness. Big love for that product! Finally, after 3 weeks of using the Cleanance K exfoliating treatment, I really am beginning to see and feel the benefits! My skin appears a lot brighter, smoother, and I think it's reducing the appearance of some light scarring I have developed post-acne, which is fantastic! 

I will be writing my final review next weekend, when I have used the range for a whole month! I look forward to updating you then!


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  1. I haven't tried the Cleanance line, but I've tried some other Avene products for dry/sensitive skin and I love them.