Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week 1 Update - Avene Cleanance Range

Hi everyone, so it's been a week since I started using the Avene Cleanance Range, so it's time for my first update! Just in case you missed my introductory post (link here), I was sent the Cleanance range to review by the lovely Katie at Avene. 

I received the whole range and I must say, I am extremely impressed! Although it is still only early days, I am really happy with the effect the range is having on my skin! The moisturiser doesn't contain SPF, so I purchased their Hydrance Optimale Light SPF 20, which I will also include in the review. I have used all the above products twice daily for the past week, with the exception of the toner. When I first used the range, the cleanser followed by the toner was a little too much for my skin, as it is already a little dry due to the cold weather. However, I hope to re-introduce it to my routine during the summer, when my skin is a lot oilier. So, this is how my routine looks at the moment:

First off, the cleanser. This is an absolute pleasure to use, and even beats my beloved Cetaphil. It is a thick, luxurious-feeling gel which produces a light lather on contact with water. It glides across my skin and leaves it feeling unbelievably smooth (something which Cetaphil didn't!) and feeling deeply cleansed. It has a fresh, clean scent which isn't too strong - always a plus! However, a little warning: keep it away from your mouth as the taste lingers and isn't too pleasant! It does a great job at controlling oil production (in combination with the Emulsion moisturiser) and hasn't broken me out. In addition, it calms down the redness on my skin fantastically and isn't harsh at all. Overall, a fantastic cleanser which I actually look forward to using!

Next up: the Emulsion and SPF 20. The emulsion itself is a very light gel, which vanishes in to the skin immediately, leaving no greasy residue at all. This is too light for me during the day in the winter months, but I'm sure it'll be perfect for the summer, when my skin is an oil-slick by noon. However, I use it underneath the SPF 20, and the combination is fantastic!

The SPF is amazing - no word of a lie, this is the first facial SPF I have ever used that hasn't left my skin feeling tacky or looking shiny after a couple of hours. It has a very similar texture to a light moisturiser, and also sinks into the skin extremely quickly. It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft, and also looking matte ALL DAY, yes, all day! I would highly recommend this as a daily SPF for people with troublesome combination/oily skin.

Finally, the Cleanance K. This is an exfoliating gel which I use as a night cream. I really rate chemical exfoliators - I feel they are perfect for acne-prone skin as they won't shred your skin to death! This product leaves my skin feeling silky-smooth in the morning, and is a pleasure to use. Although I haven't seen any reduction in scars/blackheads/open pores, it is still early days.

Since using this range, I haven't had any new breakouts, so, so far, so good! I feel the range is effective, yet also extremely gentle - which is a must for acne-prone skin. I look forward to continuing to trial this range, and will update you again a week today!



  1. Wow this looks lovely! I've never heard of this brand before.

  2. Oooh I love Avene too, been using it for months! x

  3. Seems like an amazing range of products! I really want to try something new too, but my skin is super sensitive and I'm afraid I'd break out. Can't wait to see what this does for your skin! x

  4. this range of products is really amazing
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  5. Beautiful! :)