Friday, 12 July 2013

Marc B "Millie" - Zara Office City Bag Lookalike

Being familiar with marc b bags from their range at Topshop, I was very excited when I was contacted about reviewing one of their bags on my blog. You can imagine my excitement when I spotted Millie - the Zara Office City lookalike. Multiple compartments for the OCD freak inside of me? Check. Bags of space (see what I did there?)? Check. Gorgeous lining and an additional long strap? Check. I was sold.

Owning both bags, I find myself reaching for Millie the most, and here's why...

1. The shoulder straps, which are actually long enough to fit over your shoulder!
One thing that really annoys me about the Zara bag is how the straps are so small that you can only wear the bag on the crook of your arm, which is ok for a day shopping, but when it comes to lugging everything and the kitchen sink to college, it just doesn't work. Millie's straps are the perfect length to be worn comfortably on your shoulder.

2. The soft, "leathery" finish
While both Millie and the Zara bag aren't actually leather, the feel of the Millie bag is so much nicer. Very soft, meaning the bag has a very nice slouch effect, whereas the Zara bag is so structured it's been mistaken for a briefcase on numerous outings. I find the Zara bag to be scratchy in texture, which isn't very nice.

3. Lots of space, depth-wise
This is the major plus for me of Millie compared to the Zara bag. The middle section of Millie resembles a bucket bag, which I love as it has so much more room than the Zara bag. Although it being notoriously a very big, I find myself quickly filling up the Zara bag, but Millie hardly ever looks full. The shape of Millie is a lot nicer as well, and definitely more feminine.

4. Variety of colours
I know Zara did bring out a tan version of the office city bag, but it seems to have disappeared off the face of the retail world. Millie is readily available in both tan and black

While Millie doesn't have a padded laptop compartment like its Zara counterpart, do you really need one? That's what I thought.

The only downside to Millie is that you can't fit an a4 folder inside, which may be a problem for some. You can fit a4 books if placed in portrait, but unfortunately no folders (boo hoo!) This doesn't stop me from loving Millie, and I've had so many compliments for the few days I've had her.

All in all, a gorgeous, good quality bag with a luxurious leather-like feel and slouched, femenine shape. Lots of zipped compartments which are very handy and a leopard-print lining. Additional long strap and gold detailing to finish.

If you fancy your own Millie, you can buy her in either tan or black from the marc b website for £65 with free UK delivery.

Which is your favourite marc b bag?



  1. What a beautiful bag! I love it in the shade you've got. It looks so expensive and luxurious, it's so lovely girly xxx

  2. This bag is beautiful! Both shades are stunning! x

  3. It's cute, but I'm not sure I'm keen on all the shiny gold hardware. You make it look good though!

    -Sarah x

  4. I was very excited when I was contacted about reviewing one of their bags on my blog. drawstring carrier bags

  5. Would you consider selling the tan one? If so please do let me know -