Friday, 19 April 2013

Banishing the Blemishes #002 - Ren Clearcalm

Part 2 of my Banishing the Blemishes series comes from a natural skincare company called Ren. Again, having heard amazing things about Ren all over the blogosphere, I was so excited to be able to try out the Clearcalm range. Ren pride theirselves in producing products free from synthetic fragrance/colour, PEGS, parabens and propylene glycol. 

I received the Clearcalm range to try out, best suited to blemish-prone skin. The set compromises of cleanser, mask, moisturiser and night serum. Unfortunatley, the day moisturiser has been discontinued, but the tzone balancing fluid is a fanatstic substitute.

This cleanser is unlike anything I've ever used before, it is clay-based, so has quite a firm consistency, very similar to the mask. It is full of gorgeous natural ingredients such as french clay, salicilin and mayblossom to deep cleanse and detoxify the skin. I really like this cleanser, I feel it really calms down my skin and also any angry blemishes I may have. It is quite hard to remove on its own, due to the clay-base, so I like to use a warm muslin to remove, in the same way you would a hot cloth cleanser. I have already ordered the full size version of this, and would highly recommend it if you currently enjoy using a hot cloth cleanser, but maybe your skin is acting up a little.

This mask is fantastic, the real star of the range. In conjunction with the cleanser, it works wonders. It contains very similar ingredients to the cleanser, and does a wonderful job of clearing up any blemishes you may have. It has a very potent scent, but nothing too awful - I can definitely ignore the scent for the results it gives! I only apply the mask to areas where I have an active breakout, because it is very concentrated and can be a little drying. I think I've hit a winner here! I even apply it to individual under-the-skin spots as it does a great job of drawing them to a head. I am counting down the days until payday, when I can indulge in the full size!

This moisturiser really lives up to its name. This lavender scented gel contains an exotic mix of essential oils to mattify and balance the skin, as well as protecting the skin from free radicals. This would be the perfect moisturiser for combination skin had it contained some SPF. I always use SPF during the day, so was a little disappointed at this. For this reason, I like to apply a moisturiser with SPF after, which also gives me a little more moisture for the colder months. Nevertheless, it is a great mattifying moisturiser and keeps me shine free (almost) all day.

The serum-gel hybrid contains licorice to reduce sebum production and lingonberry extract to correct hyperpigmentation. It feels extremely light and comfortable on the skin, and is absorbed by the skin almost immediately. I can't really comment on hyperpigmentation, because if something drastically improved hyperpigmentation in 2 weeks, it would be a miracle worker. However, when applying this, I wake up with super soft and glowing skin, almost as if I've applied a liquid exfoliator such as Alpha H liquid gold. It's not quite moisturising enough for winter, however, I will definitely be reaching for this gem during the summer months when my skin is an oily mess!

I have thoroughly enjoyed trialing the Ren Clearcalm range, and it definitely contains some gems! As aforementioned, I have already bought the full sized version of the cleanser, and am waiting on payday before I buy the mask! If I had to recommend you one item from the range, it would definitely be the cleanser. I can't see my skincare routine without it, and in the long term, I'm sure it will whip my troublesome skin in to shape.

Have you ever tried anything from Ren?



  1. This sounds like a great range, I'd love to try it but sadly it's just way out of my price range at the moment!
    I may pop the cleanser on my wish list and see if someone'll get it for my birthday..
    Lovely review, thank you :)

    Jesss xo

  2. This looks like a lovely set and sounds amazing! I've been interested in REN for such a long time and really want to give it a go

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  3. I use the Clinique 3 step system, it's helped sooo much! I'm doing a giveaway on my blog at the moment so please check it out, it includes an OPI nail varnish!:-)