Monday, 11 June 2012

Exfoliators: Once you go Chemical, You'll never go back!

My trial of the Avene Cleanance range was my first experience with chemical exfoliators, and I can safely say they are miles better than granular, physical exfoliators. The results I have seen while using a chemical exfoliator have been incredible, and hands down, beats any physical exfoliator I have ever used. The one I'm currently using is Avene's Cleanance K.

"Avene Cleanance K helps reduce spots, blackheads and blemishes. Based on exfoliating AHAs (glycolic and lactic acid) and BHAs (Salicylic acid), Cleanance K has a peeling effect on the surface of the skin"
-Taken from their Website

Chemical exfoliators use acids as opposed to particles to gently exfoliate the skin. They are the best type of exfoliator for spot-prone skin as they minimise irritation - scrubbing at your spots isn't going to do you any favours! I really like Avene's Cleanance K as it combines AHAs and BHAs, but more so, as it actually hydrates the skin, as well as providing the exfoliating action. This makes it perfect for use as an over-night moisturiser and exfoliator in one! 

The texture reminds me of a light moisturiser - it is absorbed by the skin immediately and leaves no tacky residue behind, which is a wonderful feeling on combination/oily skin. Come morning, my skin is left feeling amazingly soft and moisturised, and it literally glows! It has dramatically reduced the appearance of my post-acne scars, and helps to refine dilated pores. The Cleanance K retails for £10.50 for 40ml and can be purchased here. I can see the bottle lasting quite a while as I've used it for a month and it's no way near empty yet!

Following my experience with Avene's Cleanance K, I would love to try other chemical exfoliators in the future. Here are a few which have recently caught my attention:

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid - £21.50 for 120ml

Have you ever tried a Chemical Exfoliator? Do you have a favourite?



  1. I'm currently using REN's version, I love it! xo

  2. My favourite is Skoah AHA Mask (Canadian brand but likely available online). I've tried the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and I have to say that it is still gritty, though for some reason it doesn't irritate my skin like most other scrubs. I'll be sure to check out the Avene - I love their products.

  3. oh i have never tried these

  4. I love them too! Love the Avene one but love liquid gold even more, do it! x

  5. thankyou so much for this post! I've been looking for ages for an exfoliator that will get rid of my stubborn blackheads without being super harsh on my sensitive skin and this looks perfect, you're a lifesaver! :)

  6. I was disappointed in the Paula's Choice because it dried me out but I think I just need to go down to a 1%. So many people rave about it that I feel like it's my fault. lol. I received a sample of the Dermalogica Micro Exfoliant in a beauty box and I adore it. xx