Friday, 25 May 2012

4 Facial SPFs Perfect for Oily Skin!

Hi everyone! This post is themed around the recent weather we've been having in the UK, which has been beautiful! I really hope it stays like this, as at the moment, I am revising for my A levels, and would like some sunny weather when they're finished, not just to distract me while I'm supposed to be revising! Anyway, In my opinion, SPF for oily skin is one of the hardest things to find: so many just leave your face looking like an oil slick within a couple of hours! After trying several, I have found 4 which are fantastic. The prices range from just £2.50 to just under £17, so there's something for all budgets! 

"LA ROCHE  ANTHELIOS Extreme Face Fluid includes SPF 50 for very high protection against UVA/UVB rays and especially formulated for sensitive skin that may be oily or imperfection prone."

This is a fantastic high-factor SPF. It is a very runny liquid which glides on to the skin, and doesn't leave a sticky residue. Instead, it gives your face a wonderful glow and fantastic UVA/UVB protection. It does leave a little white caste on your face, but nothing a little bit of powder can't fix! I find this doesn't break me out, and doesn't make my skin too oily, either.  A fantastic buy if you have very pale skin, like me!

"This mattifying face sun fluid is specially formulated with a unique combination of photostable sunscreens to help protect the face, hands and chest area against UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays. Quickly absorbed and leaves no residue, this formula helps prevent the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots."

This is a new purchase, but so far, so good! This has a similar texture to the La Roche Posay, however it doesn't leave a white caste - hurrah! I've found its oil-control abilities to be great so far, and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Big thumbs up so far, especially for the bargain price tag!

"A hydrating moisturiser to protect skin from daily aggressions and help prevent skin ageing caused by the sun. For normal to combination dehydrated sensitive skin."

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will have seen me sing this little gem's praises on numerous occasions. I like to use this during the cooler months, and a higher SPF during the summer. It has a very similar texture to a light moisturiser, and also sinks into the skin extremely quickly. It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft, and also looking matte ALL DAY, yes, all day! I would highly recommend this as a daily SPF for people with troublesome combination/oily skin.

"Advanced UVA/UVB Protection for Sun-Sensitive Skin.This Piz Buin sun protection face cream combines advanced filters with Calmanelle which helps strengthen skin's resilience."

This SPF is also a new purchase, however, I really like it so far! The texture is thicker than all of the other suncreams mentioned, however, it still feels very light on the skin. The smell is gogeous - it doesn't at all have that "suncream" smell, but instead it smells really floral! 

Have you found the perfect summer time SPF? Do share!



  1. I've been looking for a facial SPF for oily skin for a while and wasn't sure what to get. After reading this I think I'll give the Superdrug one a try! x

  2. I didn't even know they made sun creams specifically for your face, stupid Hayley! I'll have to get myself one x

  3. I agree SPF for oily skin is really hard to find - I find it hard enough to hunt down a daily moisturiser for oily skin with some SPF in it (I've settled on a Nivea one - though there's a refreshing one with seaweed from The Body shop as well).

    Piz Buin has been my choice of sunscreen for going abroad since someone who is a adventure holiday tour guide recommended it as it's durable as well as protective. I then wore it in Peru for a month and didn't get a spot of sunburn (and I'm a redhead!).

    Morag x

  4. Ooh that's me! I have oily skin. Yuck lol. But this would probably work fantastic for me.

    Would you like to follow each other doll? let me know!

    Lady Million

  5. Oh, Courtney!

    I thank you so much for sharing this information with us. I finelly found what I 've been searching. Follow you with great interest from now.

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  6. Thanks for this post. Its been helpful. I went and bought non greasy SPF and it was so oily. I couldn't wear make up over it-it just rubbed off!