Tuesday, 20 December 2011

HunniBunni Bags

When I saw Perrie from Little Mix with this bag, I had to find out where it was from!

Well, following THIS article in the Daily Mail, I now know they are from a company called HunniBunni bags. 

"I design, handpaint and produce all HunniBunni Bags. HunniBunni Bags are my original creation and my design is registered with the Intellectual Property Office. Each bag is hand drawn, painted and personalised for every owner. An adult bag takes me approx 3 hours to complete"
-Taken from their Facebook Page

I think these bags are beautiful, and the creator is so talented! What do you think of them?



  1. These are lovely so individual and special xx

  2. love love love these bags!

  3. i love these bags but they are literally, always sold out!

  4. Oh I love these, they are just the cutest thing!xxx

  5. Check out Claireabella bags. These are cute but I believe the Claireabella ones are the original (and now available in the US too.) I don't work for them or anything, I just really like them and know a lot of people that do. X

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  7. Claireabella bags are not the 'original' another bag comppany called SLC started painting caricatures on jute bags first. It makes no difference as there many bag companies doing the same thing but one thing is for sure, you cannot compare a HunniBunni bag to a Claireabella as Claireabella is to Costco as HunniBunni is to Harrods.